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A yearlong journey of self-discovery and inner healing within a circle of women

Feb 15, March 21, May 9, June 13, Aug 1, Sept 5, Nov 7, Dec 5

Corinna Wood, Wise Woman Tradition herbalist and teacher

Group of StudentsA seasoned Wise Woman Tradition herbalist, teacher, visionary, and mother, Corinna Wood is founding director of Southeast Wise Women and co-founder of Red Moon Herbs.
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Daily schedue for each of the eight sessions

10:00 am - 1:00 pm ~ Morning session
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm ~ Siesta/study lunch break
3:00 pm - 6:00 pm ~ Afternoon session

The program takes place in downtown Black Mountain, NC

As you connect with your needs, you support your thriving

Cultivating health is more than picking which plant to use. Through this training, nature-loving women learn medicines for the heart, mind and soul!

Each time we gather, we will focus on one group of the basic human needs (rest, safety, respect, valuing, contribution, love, clarity, divine connection). We’ll explore how each group of needs is expressed in our lives, which strategies we engage to meet those needs, and how our underlying beliefs shape the strategies we choose.

Based in a culture of respect and self-knowledge, this unique “materia medica” developed by Corinna Wood provides tools to nourish your long-term thriving, from the roots up. The program supports the discovery of underlying needs and the development of healthy strategies to navigate the challenges we face as women in the world today.  As you connect with your own needs, your day-to-day strategies will become increasingly effective–more and more, your outer life reflects the self-loving paradigm of the Wise Woman ways.

Join this group of sisters as we journey together on a year-long path of self-discovery through the cycle of the seasons–from the vulnerability of late winter to the emotional stirring of spring equinox; the fullness of summer solstice; the clarity and wisdom we seek at fall equinox; and then back to the roots of rest and renewal in winter.

This circle-based curriculum focuses on in-depth study of embodying inward aspects of the Wise Woman Tradition, including . . . 

  • Speaking your truth as a woman
  • Deepen your love for yourself and connect with your own internal wisdom
  • Learn a language of feelings and needs for self-understanding and self-expression
  • Understand impacts of trauma and examine underlying beliefs that inform your choices
  • Develop personal strategies for meeting your needs to support yourself thriving
  • Translate concepts to personal experience through self-reflective exercises in class and at home

Sessions will include a combination of teachings and activities as well as a dedicated sharing circle each Saturday. This program is also intended as a foundation for those interested in learning to lead their own women’s circles with this earth-based, woman-centered, trauma-informed model.

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