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Wise Woman Tradition Herbalist & Teacher

A seasoned Wise Woman Herbalist, teacher, visionary, and mother, Corinna Wood is founder and director of Southeast Wise Women and the Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference—and co-founder of Red Moon Herbs. Corinna has a rich grounding of depth and breadth in herbal medicine as well as self-study in permaculture, non-violent communication, and spiritual psychology. 

As a young woman, Corinna studied biology and herbal medicine--including a long-term apprenticeship with groundbreaking Wise Woman Herbalist Susun Weed.  For over 25 years, Corinna has been practicing, teaching, and carrying on the Wise Woman Tradition, based in honoring women and the Earth. Corinna was also one of the early members of her home community, Earthaven Ecovillage, collaborating with others to bring a vision of sustainable living into manifestation.

Corinna's life work is to empower women to trust their inner wisdom and the cycles of nature. Today, Corinna is a teacher, leader and mentor in the women’s herbal community. She has taught hundreds of workshops in herbal medicine, women's health and natural healing, including 17 years of the annual Wise Woman Immersion program, empowering women in their relationships to the earth, the plants, and themselves.  

“I’ve been teaching the Wise Woman Tradition of herbal medicine for women for twenty-five years. More and more, I hear from students, that they had no idea how deep the Wise Woman Tradition goes, how it would nourish their heart and soul as a woman—as well as our bodies—or how much the connection with sisters would mean. Indeed, the Wise Woman Tradition encompasses nourishment on every level.  Loving ourselves is at the core just as much as herbal medicine and nourishing foods. " ~Corinna 

~ From Corinna's students ~

imm por 2014 5 2women smile woc edit lo res"This program totally transformed the way I relate to myself and others. I feel equipped to meet my own needs and embody the Wise Woman Ways!"
Rachel Adams, VA

"I came here to continue a journey of healing and self love and got far more than I knew possible"
Shayna, Chattanooga TN

"You will be so blessed if you attend these studies. Not only will you be able to identify wild plants, but also you will come out of it as a whole person!"
Christie Fox, Maggie Valley, NC

"This series has far exceeded my curious anticipation of what it would be like. I've enjoyed every minute of it-- the self love sessions took us on unexpected twists and turns, and the herbal work opened up my eyes to a whole new world!"
Connie Moore, SC

I've slowly found my way to being able to express myself more fully and I give most all of the credit to this program. Being able to be more deliberate in not only my actions, but having the vocabulary to express my needs has been a life changing experience. Knowing how to understand my needs has been invaluable in many ways. I've been able to find the right words for the first time in my life to correctly verbalize my needs, imm por 2015 6 258 lo reswhich has opened amazing new doors for me. I feel understood (in so many ways) for the very first time in my life. This is truly a priceless gift."
Gennifer Hogan, NC

"This course went way deeper than I expected. It changed my life!"
Kore Rose, GA

"For more than 55 years, my communications had only a remote connection to sincerely reflecting my true emotions. I had learned to disregard my own deep needs, noticing instead what earned me the best approval. I was brought up to 'make sure everyone else is happy, don’t be concerned about yourself.' I learned these lessons well. As an adult, my negative self-talk was sometimes abusive. Through the work I’ve done with Corinna and the Needs Wheel, I learned to pay attention to what I am feeling in my deepest self, with my heart and my body as well as my mind, and to not judge my feelings. I am learning to recognize discomfort as a signal to an unmet need. I am accepting my personal moon phases. By honoring these in others as well as myself, I am developing my strong wise woman. As a female business leader, I have found that success is eroded with underlying tensions and destructive communication. I have learned to rely on my empathic nature to sincerely listen and understand the employees’ needs, and to encourage them to sincerely know me. Through risks and growth and change, we are clear, aligned, and moving in the same direction." 
Gayle M, Asheville NC 

2018.5 maggie wise woman 3 crop lo res"This class is truly one of women's empowerment. It helps one tap into the self and see what needs are bringing up our emotions. This has helped me heal some past trauma by validating my feelings and confirming my needs. I feel this aspect of the class enriched the portions of learning about the plants and seeing them as another way to nourish ousrselves. This opening up also helped us to be more receptive to the plants." 
Whisper Moore, Asheville NC

There are sooo many levels of understanding and healing the class provided in relation to Complex Trauma – the multiple layers of needs not being met for acknowledgement, appreciation, acceptance, belonging, honoring and SAFETY etc personally in a violent, murderous Racialized society and within the DNA memory genetically. Invaluable language was provided for deeper understanding. With the state-sanctioned violence we face everyday in our communities, we especially need to create, curate, and bathe in affirming spaces.
Phyllis Utley, Asheville NC

"I found myself fully immersed in a new culture. It is the culture of the wise woman tradition. It is a culture where there is no savior. There is no right or wrong. There is no judgement. There is no separation between health and disease. It is a culture of expression. It is a culture of attentive listening. It is a culture of deep (deep) nourishment. It is a culture of herbs. Corinna, thank you for giving me this Wise Woman culture and changing my life!"
Jenny Martineau, Montpelier VT

"A soul blessing. I so appreciate how Corinna created an open, safe, trusting space for us--how Corinna guided us and yet was one of us. What a blessing to build such a connection with these other beautiful beings."
Julia Smith-Easely, Roswell, GA

"Corinna delivers information in a way that is easily understood yet interesting. She makes learning fun!" 
Darlene Cronic, Clinton, SC

"Amazing! Corinna not only knows the information, but lives it! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for changing my life!"
Letitia Bunge, Columbus, OH

"Corinna is a master teacher!" 
Michelle LaForest-Roberts, Richmond, VA

"This was the best form of teaching style ever! Corinna is very mindful with staying on task, very heartfelt and patient. The class was hands on with amazing flow."Munirah Jessica Richards, Washington, DC

"Corinna was an inspirational, respectable, loving and warm teacher."
Amanda Nowatka, Morganton, NC

“Wonderful & magical! Thanks you for sharing the Wise Woman Traditions & keeping them alive.”
Michele Hathcock, Arden, NC

““I loved all of the depth of support, wisdom & beauty that was created. What a joy to be a part of it. Thank you. It was overwhelming how wonderful it was.” 
Julia Rizzo, Nashville, TN

Thank you for sharing your gifts and knowledge and empowering us to do the same.”
Rachel Synder, Nashville, TN

“Providing us this opportunity to learn about the plants, each other, and ourselves has been truly life altering. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us!” 
Diana Flosenzier, Hattiesburg, MS

“I am forever changed! Thank you so much!” 
Steva Kiser, Gaffney, SC

Testimonials“Thank you so very much for sharing your gift, your knowledge and providing the ripples to change lives. Thank you!” 
Stephanie Gilson, Mooresville, NC

“This was so much more than I expected, truly a life changing week for me -- thank you for showing me another way by sharing your gifts.”
Lori Sanders, Pikeville, TN

"Your answers to questions went above and beyond my expectations of your knowledge of the material, and everything was presented so clearly & thoroughly.  Thank you for being such an inspiration as a teacher and a person!” 
Anna Fialkoff , Bar Harbor, ME 

“This added so much to my life! Thank you!” 
Clarissa Full, Sacremento, CA

“Wow! Your work is so valuable and important to me and so many others. Thanks, Thanks, and Thanks again!” 
Cassa Von Kundra, Damascus, VA

"Enthusiasm as a teacher and lover of plants so effervescent and infectious."
Vanessa Hunt, Myrtle Beach, SC 

“Amazing! I came hoping to learn more about herbs -- but am walking away feeling strong in spirit and nourished. Thank you!”
Adrianna Ross, Charlottesville, VA

“This program was a FANTASTIC extension of the Wise Woman Conference!” 
Abby Hall Luca, Tuscaloosa, AL

“Absolutely phenomenal. The hands on learning experiences were wonderful. I feel so honored and blessed to have been able to attend this week. The education was invaluable, the women were great. Just to be in this environment with so many strong, wise women was wonderful. Thank you Corinna for having made this opportunity available. It will forever leave an imprint on me.” 
Debra Pullen, Roanoke, VA

imm out 2014 5 woc connect plant lo res copy

“This program has inspired me as a healer and a woman! Thank you!”
Hannah Levin, Brevard, NC

“Such an enlightening, empowering, experience!”
Judy Schmutz, Beaufort, NC

"In this circle of women, I have remembered who I am. I feel so affirmed and inspired . . . your class was fabulous! The information was great and the emphasis on intuition and self-empowerment transformed knowledge into Wisdom."
Iris Bradley, Mobile, AL

"Coming home was a bit of an adjustment! My 8 year old daughter Kaya explained my energy and "eyes" to me when I got telling/ showing me with her hands...imagine spiraling your fingers around in circles in front of your face and then fireworks out to the side. She nailed it on the head! :) Thank you so much for the experience. It has really changed my life." 
Adriane Hoyt, New York, NY 

"It was amazing to watch the spirit of the earth and the plants expressing through Corinna.”  
Gail Stein, Hendersonville, NC

"Corinna’s knowledge was the perfect balance of science and spirit. I couldn’t get enough!” 
Brooke Hamby, Knoxville, TN

"You've opened doors for me that I didn't even know were there."  
Sue Ellen Camden-Lee, Rutherfordton, NC

"I am so thankful to you for presenting this class and giving me the chance to change my life. You are so wise and such a beautiful woman. I am so blessed to have been part of this group and so excited for the chance to work with you. Thank you for your gifts . . . spirit, knowledge, love, support."
Sarah Leavitt, Black Mountain, NC

"I love the hands-on experience. The fall conference was great for knowledge, but this was a great follow up and way to go deeper."
Mary Sexton, Columbus, OH

"I am so glad that I had the opportunity to be part of this magic!" 
Henna Still, Atlanta, GA

"Thank you for changing my life and helping me find my tribe!"
Sara Mulvey, Asheville, NC 

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