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06 October 2014

Unity Village

Written by Flora, Posted in Announcements, Sisterhood

action 2013 10 women arms around webUnity Village has become the heart of the conference, which we collectively create as a community of women. As the central hearth, Unity Village hosts Welcome and Farewell Jams, evening fires with song and drumming, daytime classes, facilitated talking circles and a central hearth fire. Unity Village aims to support women to connect and integrate by honoring our diversity, creating safe and intimate spaces, and inspiring creativity, playfulness, movement and relaxation.

The Hearth
This classroom tent is unique in that its classes are interactive, experiential, and participatory, focusing on heart/spirit. Hearth Fire serves as a central gathering area. A fire is tended throughout the weekend, symbolic of our unity and warmth.

Highlights at the Hearth include:
Diversity Talking Stick circle for ALL women Saturday 
Drumming Empowerment with Kristen Arant Saturday evening, followed by a Drum & Dance party

Red Tent
red tentFor women of all ages and stages. Conference participants love to rest and connect in the Red Tent, as we honor our womanhood journeys. All women are welcome here, to draw, journal, share stories, move, dance, rub shoulders, meditate, sing, giggle, or just relax and enjoy this nurturing environment. The Red Tent Movement is a revival of the ancient custom of women taking time away from their busy lives to rest and renew.

Sister Love Tent
Just as women experience a unique safety and celebration being in a women-only space at the conference, women of color have requested the space at Sister Love Tent to share time with sisters of color who can resonate with similar experiences and commonalities. Women of color attending this conference in the early years often gave the organizers feedback that they felt on the edges, out of place, not included. As a community, we have found that offering support and a dedicated space allows women of color feel more included, more able to integrate fully into the event and connect with everyone. Open all day, and into the night (until 11:00pm), for women of color ONLY (racially/culturally diverse heritage non-European in origin, such as Native American, African American, Asian and Latina) ages 18+.

youth 2012 10 3maidens web resWise Maidens Tent
The Wise Maidens program (ages 13-17) is designed to inspire, empower, and guide young women to explore their unique gifts and develop a strong sense of themselves and their place in the world. Guided by our excellent staff, the group will co-create a safe and empowering environment to mark this time of transition in their lives, from girls to young women, and empower them to live courageously, honestly and in accordance with their core values.

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SEWWnewsletterSidebarAdFlora is the dancing woman who embodies the beautiful and diverse spirit of the entire plant queendom. She speaks for Southeast Wise Women, inspiring women to deepen a connection to themselves, the Earth, and each other.

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