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13 September 2017

Hawthorn Recipes & Remedies - Part 2

Written by Flora, Posted in Do It Yourself, Herbal Medicine, Local Plants, Nourishing Foods

EagleSong Evans Gardner, community herbalist, taught Hawthorn Remedies and Recipes at the 2016 Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference. Here is some of her wisdom about the plant and it's uses.

hawthorn berriesRead Part 1 for a brief overview of the properties of hawthorn as well as some delicious water-based preparations.

Fresh Hawthorn Tincture

Fill any size jar (start small) with fresh or frozen mashed hawthorn berries or whole leaves and
flowers. Add 100 proof vodka to cover, cap tightly, shake daily for 1 week, continue to macerate
for several more weeks shaking weekly. Finally, strain and bottle for future use as a tonic.

Dried Hawthorn Berry Tincture

Fill any size jar half full with dried haws. Fill jar with 100 proof vodka. Cap tightly. Shake daily
for one week. Let macerate for several weeks shaking weekly. Strain when ready. Use as a tonic.

Hawthorn Vinegar

Follow tincture directions using apple cider vinegar instead of vodka. Different menstruums used
for extraction add more options, expanding the basic staples in your culinary herbal repertoire for tending health!

Hawthorn/Oatstraw Herbal Infusion Upside Down Cocktail

For a hot afternoon

  • 1 ­ 8 oz glass Oatstraw healing infusion
  • 1 ­ T Hawthorn Tincture or Hawthorn Elixir
  • Ice, orange peel garnish
  • Place ice in a favorite glass of your choice. Add Oatstraw healing infusion. Add hawthorn tincture. Garnish with sprig of herb, orange twist, etc. This is a nourishing herbal tonic!

Hawthorn Oxymel

A delicious vinegar ­honey combination of hawthorn.

  • 4 # haws
  • 1 quart haw flower/leaf herbal infusion
  • 4 # apple cider vinegar
  • 4 # honey (adjust sweetness to taste by starting with 1# and go from there to your liking)
  • Simmer hawthorn with infusion and vinegar until berries pop, crush with potato masher, let sit until cool. Reheat to just below boil. Cool. Mash with potato masher, then press mixture through mesh sack, return resulting juice to pan, heat with honey just long enough to dissolve honey.
  • Cool, strain and bottle. Store in cool, dark place.

Tangy oxymels are an easy way to preserve the harvest and can be enjoyed many ways. Enjoy
with sparkling water for a thirst quenching beverage, add to fruit salad to brighten flavor or to a
vinaigrette for a green salad dressing, enjoy off a spoon, or drizzle on pancakes! Have fun
imagining more ways to include this nutrient dense food in your daily diet. Can nourishing health really be this much fun?

In conclusion, I think you’ll find making nourishing and tonifying herbal preparations at once satisfying and fulfilling. Engage Hawthorn!

This small, ordinary tree holds a foundational place in herbal practice for strengthening the heart muscle, improving digestion and circulation, resolving arterial congestion and lowering blood pressure, supporting the immune system and increasing longevity. Hawthorn is filled with anti­inflammatory flavonoids; minerals and nutrients including magnesium and calcium to nourish and strengthen the whole person. Although no single constituent can be singled out as the active ingredient, the sum of all her parts brings the magic and medicine of hawthorn to life. If you want to strengthen a weak heart or carry an old heart into a healthy future consider hawthorn as an ally.

Enjoy! Have fun! Let me know how your efforts turn out and what you observe as you bring Hawthorn into your hearts, hands and homes...Remember...celebrate Hawthorn the field, in the kitchen and in communion as she is embodied within...and beware...she is a gnarly old hag!


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