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24 July 2014

Aviva Romm

Written by Flora

Aviva-Romm-photo-2014-webAviva Romm MD is a family physician, midwife, herbalist, and mother of four grown children. A graduate of Yale, Aviva is a leader in the revolution to transform the medical system into one that respects the intrinsic healing capacities of the body--while helping women take their health into their own hands. Aviva Romm will be offering a few classes during the weekend, including: 

Pediatrics & Antibiotics
Our kids are the "canaries in the coalmine" with rates of asthma, allergies, and eczema skyrocketing. Learn how to protect kids from harmful over medication, treat common ailments naturally, and know when medical care is truly needed.

Health and Vitality Throughout the Wisdom Years
Women entering menopause are at high risk of receiving potentially bad medical advice and harmful interventions. We'll get real about what women's hearts, minds, and bodies really need to stay vibrant in the menopausal years.

Aviva is one of dozens of inspiring and knowledgeable Herbal Conference presenters, offering over 60 classes for beginning herbalists to advanced practitioners, at the:

10th Anniversary
Southeast Wise Women
Herbal Conference 
October 10-12 in Black Mountain, NC 

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