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13 June 2013

Rachel Bagby

Written by Flora, Posted in Announcements

rachel square

We are delighted to introduce Rachel Bagby who will join us as one of our special guests at the Southeast Wise Woman Herbal Conference. Rachel helps individuals and communities turn stories into WISDOM and SONG, using the VOICE as an instrument of change.

She writes, "If I were to create a résumé, it would be scrawled on a piece of sheet music. With a big, swooping treble clef next to my name: Rachel Bagby, J.D. It would include a number of positions, titles & roles. Graduate of Stanford Law School. Poetic innovator & creator of Dekaaz Facilitation™. Meditation instructor at IMS, Spirit Rock, the Omega & the Garrison Institutes. Co-founder of Metanoiaa. International speaker & author of Divine Daughters: Liberating the Power and Passion of Women’s Voices. Soprano in Bobby McFerrin’s original international touring ensemble, Voicestra. Vibralinguist. Wall Street Journal reporter. Choral activist and composer."

02 August 2013

Pam Montgomery

Written by Flora, Posted in Announcements

pam montgomery 2As an author, teacher, and herbal practitioner, Pam Montgomery has passionately embraced her role as a spokesperson for the plants.

Pam reminds us that healing is a journey that engages our whole being of heart, soul and spirit.  She writes, "Healing is not a linear process but instead follows a spiral pattern. As we spiral through life we periodically reach new understandings that allow healing to reach deeper levels - each time filling ourselves more fully with our true essential nature. As we become more our self our unique path is revealed and that which doesn’t serve us on our path falls away."

04 July 2013

Sally Fallon Morell

Written by Flora, Posted in Announcements, Nourishing Foods

sally fallonWe are delighted to welcome Sally Fallon Morell, MA to the Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference for the first time this year. Sally is a journalist, chef, nutrition researcher, homemaker, community activist, and the author of Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrates. This unique cookbook informs the much-loved menus of both the Herbal Immersion and the Herbal Conference.

Sally Fallon Morell's role in the real food movement is pivotal. She stresses the importance of organic faming, pasture-fed livestock, and properly prepared, whole, traditional foods. 

13 June 2013

Conference Intensives

Written by Flora, Posted in Announcements

We are very excited to once again offer Intensives at the Herbal Conference in October. Intensives offer a special opportunity to learn more about a specific subject, with more time (3 to 31/2 hours as opposed to the 1 1/2 hour length of regular classes) and limited attendance.

laurel webAs a returning conference favorite, Laurel Mamet will be joining us, offering Believing in You: Tools for Trusting Yourself. A long-time energy healer, Laurel helps us discover dynamic, uplifting, and practical tools for moving beyond psychological healing into an ever-evolving life story. The class covers honing intuition, empowering from within, and expanding into the universe of greatness.

16 May 2013

Conference Teachers

Written by Corinna Wood, Posted in Announcements, Corinna's Corner

2012.6 c ech in yarrow smallAs a young woman at 21, I was blessed to have Susun Weed become my mentor. She is a wise elder who showed me how to connect to the innate wisdom of the earth, the plants and myself as a woman. I am delighted to announce that she, along with Rachel Bagby, Pam Montgomery and Sally Fallon will be joining us for the 2013 Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference.  

These four women are wise crones who have carried the wisdom of the past, often lost or forgotten in our modern generation. As they pass this knowledge to us, we become the carriers as well, weaving the past into the future.

09 April 2013

Early Bird Registration

Written by Flora, Posted in Announcements

Experience the Magic of the Women's Herbal Conference

SEWW Conference Sun woman cropped...where women have come together for many years to learn, celebrate and connect with each other.

Since late last year, the staff at SE Wise Women has been gearing up for the 2013 SE Wise Women's Herbal Conference.  This year's stellar teaching lineup includes special guests Susun Weed, Sally Fallon, Rachel Bagby and Pam Montgomery, along with 36 other exceptional teachers.


08 April 2013

Our New Look

Written by Corinna Wood, Posted in Announcements, Women's Wellness

2012.4 c grape arborThis spring, I am delighted to share with you the new look of Southeast Wise Women's website! I’ve been working this winter with staff on an initiative to create a larger, more beautiful and inclusive container for women to learn, celebrate, and connect in the web of wise woman.

The new website expresses the warm, curvy beauty that reflects the personality of our collective community of wise women. We kept familiar navigation, yet have re-organized content so you can better find important information, resources for learning and opportunities to connect. We have also added a blog aimed at bringing you fresher content.seww-logoblogpost1

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