Nourishing Traditional Diets
Sally Fallon

Animal fats, properly prepared whole grains, enzyme-enriched foods and nourishing bone broths kept our ancestors healthy. Sally Fallon Morell, begins with unforgettable photographs of healthy traditional peoples, and then explains the underlying factors in a variety of traditional diets that conferred beauty, strength and freedom from disease. Discover the step-by-step plan to put nourishing traditional foods into your diet including easy breakfast cereals, soups, snack foods, condiments and healthy soft drinks! Learn about butter, the number one health food; the importance of high cholesterol foods; dangers of modern soy foods; the conspiracy to promote vegetable oils and hydrogenated fats; and old fashioned foods that give limitless energy and vibrant health.


Running time ~ 3 hours. Closes with a few moments of Leah & Chloe of Rising Appalachia, singing live at the women's conference

$12.00 each

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