Rosemary's Favorite Recipes & Remedies
Rosemary Gladstar

Join Rosemary for a morning cup of tea in an informal and delightful sharing of her favorite old and new herbal recipes interwoven with stories, anecdotes, and memories. She will discuss common illnesses and discomforts as well as favorite remedies for them, including issues like staph, vaginal infections, IB, colonoscopy cleanses, and other recurring issues that herbalists are called to care for. What are the best herbal remedies and recipes for different situations? How do we chose? Spend three hours with the “godmother” of American Herbalism, and enjoy demonstrations, recipes, and, of course tea....

Running time ~ 3 hours. Closes with a few moments of Leah & Chloe of Rising Appalachia, singing live at the women's conference

$40.00 each

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