Healing Chronic Illness through Digestion
Monica Corrado

There is more and more evidence that ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, allergies, dyslexia, depression, bi-polar disorder, brain fog and auto-immune disorders find their origin in the digestive system. It appears true that "all illness stems from the gut" as Hippocrates said over 2000 years ago. Learn why this area is often called the "second brain", and how it can control behavior independently of the actual brain. Discover GAPS TM --Gut and Psychology Syndrome, which is the cause of many of our physical symptoms, and the traditional whole foods diet which heals it. Learn about how to prepare healing foods by culturing, fermenting, making stock, soaking nuts and seeds, and baking, all based on the GAPS TM healing protocol.

Running time ~ 3 hours. Closes with a few moments of Leah & Chloe of Rising Appalachia, singing live at the women's conference

$40.00 each

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