Epigenetics & Methylation: The Influence of Our Ancestors
Phyllis Light

Let’s wrap our brains around this concept for a moment: Epigenetic tags on our DNA do not change our underlying genes, but can be inherited. Wow! That means the traumas experienced by our parents and grandparents, their nutritional level, any environmental toxic exposures, and any lifestyle issues that created tags on their DNA were potentially inherited by us and our offspring. Methylation and the release of neurotransmitters affects which tags we lay down and pass on. Research has found that methylation and its effect on epigenetics plays a role in autoimmune diseases, cancer, and mental health issues. Join Phyllis to learn about epigenetics and ways that herbs, foods, and lifestyle choices can affect methylation, release tags, and change, not only our lives, but those of our children and grandchildren.

 Running time ~ 3 hours. Closes with a few moments of Leah & Chloe of Rising Appalachia, singing live at the women's conference.

$40.00 each

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