Healing the Stories We Tell Ourselves
Mother Turtle

Uncover and clear away your limiting beliefs, “stories” that stop you in your tracks and stand in the way of your happiness. What we believe about ourselves, others and the world, is not always based in truth. We form beliefs around the events and circumstances that take place in our lives. Some of these experiences have left us with negative feelings. These heavy and toxic tales are stored in our bodies and can cause imbalance, opening the door to dis-ease. Free yourself from what is keeping you from fulfilling your dreams and deepest desires. Join us as we use song, meditation, game, and symbols to enter deep into our hearts and embark upon a journey of discovery, liberation, and new intentions

 Running time ~ 1.5 hours. Closes with a few moments of Leah & Chloe of Rising Appalachia, singing live at the women's conference.

$12.00 each

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