Food Options

There are several options for your meals at the Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference: You may 1) purchase a Meal Ticket with your registration, 2) purchase individual meals from our food vendors, or 3) bring your own food.

Weekend Meal Tickets

We offer meal tickets for farm-fresh, seasonal meals with a focus on Nourishing Traditions fare, including meat, dairy, and veggies. Beverages (tea, coffee, and water) will be served at each meal. Meals are prepared by Kanuga Conference & Retreat Center.

Enjoy your meals, Friday supper through Sunday lunch, in the beautiful dining room. Meal ticket must be presented upon entering for each meal.

This option may not accommodate vegetarian, dairy-free, or gluten free diets. If you have special dietary needs consider waiting until the menu is posted (in early summer) before purchasing your meal ticket.

 2018 Menu

Food Vendors

food 2015 JK food truck customer lo resA number of food trucks and vendors will be onsite with a variety of food and beverage choices including a variety of both meat and vegetarian meals, as well as gluten free options. These local, woman-run businesses feature sustainable, local, and organic ingredients in their delicious and healthy fare.

There is a comfortable indoor and outdoor "Food Pavilion" eating area with tables located near the food vendors, a sweet place to either gather with friends or meet some new friends, while enjoying a meal. Food vendors will start serving Friday evening. 

2018 Food Vendors


Cecilia's Kitchen

Our menu features our homemade authentic gluten free crêpes, empanadas, tamales, soups, salads, and daily specials. Our list of specials keeps getting longer and more sophisticated. We understand the importance of healthy eating, affordable pricing, and supporting our local economy buying locally grown organic ingredients whenever possible. That’s why we cook with organic products like beef, chicken, pork, flour, eggs, and seasonal vegetables. As a result, our cuisine is fresh and mouth watering!

Kathmandu Cafe
kathmandu copyUsing high altitude herbs and spices combined with the oldest mountain’s local and organic produce, our curries are not only rich in flavors but equally rich in nutrition. We use much of the same kinds of spices and herbs in our curry dishes, but the amount of herbs, duration of cooking and temperature variation makes each meal very unique and different in both taste and flavor. From the sea shores of India to the higest peak in the world, Mt. Everest we are committed to bringing you the best and most traditional recipe from the Himalayas.

green light

Green Light Cafe

The Green Light Cafe has evolved over the years from a brick and mortar location to a way to reach a more diverse population of healthy eaters. Combining tasty food with good nutrition whether at festivals, weddings, retreats, or special occasions is important to us and our customers. Whether you are a vegan, vegetarian, or eat meat we aim to vary our fare to appeal to all appetites. Special menus can be created including gluten or dairy free.

nibble sip copy 2The Nibble & Sip
Nibble and Sip partners with event venues to provide mindful snack and drink options that earn the rank of “treat!” An alternative to the traditional concession stand, we provide cleaner, tastier, lifestyle-conscious options. For far too long maintaining dietary priorities meant needing to pack one’s own snacks or having to compromise. Nibble and Sip brings a diverse, carefully curated selection of refreshments suitable for a variety of priorities. 

Biltmore Coffee TradersBiltmore Coffee Roasters
We serve a rotating selection of freshly roasted single origin hot and cold brews each day...fresh out of our roaster! We specialize in relationship coffee: “sustainable for people & the planet”; we source direct trade beans to ensure environmental, economic, and social sustainability. We source and roast coffee grown in harmony with nature while providing family farmers a living wage and incentives to protect the environment.

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