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2017 Classes

Schedule Capture 5.1.17The conference weekend includes over 60 inspiring and informative classes with a wide range of topics for every woman interested in celebrating women and plants--from beginning herbalists to advanced practitioners.

Whether you are focused on medicinal plants, vibrant physical health or powerful emotional healing, or you are looking to dig into women's wisdom, sex, or psyche, or you prefer movement or walks, you will be able to find classes that inspire you!  Below are a few featured areas of focus. And if you scroll down, you can see all of the class descriptions organized by time.  Which classes will be at the top of your list?

Note schedule, class titles, times, and teachers are subject to change. Click here for the Class Schedule.

For Budding Herbalists

  • Beginning Herbalism: The Language of Plants
  • Making Plant Medicines 101
  • Herb Gardening
  • Three Herb Medicine Kit
  • Weeds Not to Weed: Mugwort,Violet, and Yarrow
  • Health Benefits of Medicinal Mushrooms
  • Root Medicine of the World

Advanced Approaches

  • To D or Not to D
  • Protocols for Hormonal Balance 
  • Energy Anatomy
  • The Art of Herbal Formulation
  • Breaking the Addiction Cycle: Herbs for Pain
  • Herbal Protocols for Lyme's Disease & Co-infections
  • Herbs for Vascular Health

Vibrant Health

  • Approaches to Healthy Gut Flora
  • The Blood Sugar Roller Coaster
  • Multidimensional Vaginal Healing
  • Epigenetics & Methylation The influence of our Ancestors
  • Overcoming Overwhelm: The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution
  • Herbs for the Mother, Maiden, and Crone
  • Herbal Allies for Babies & Kids
  • Enough is Enough: Survival Overdrive Syndrome

Women's Wisdom

  • Loving Ourselves the Wise Woman Way
  • I am My Sister
  • Wise Woman Healing
  • Moon Magic & Women's Wisdom
  • Heal the Inner Maiden

Sex & Psyche

  • Infinite Orgasm
  • Herbal Aphrodisiacs
  • Peak Experiences
  • Activating Your Psychic Center
  • 7 Herbs for Soul Purpose
  • Healing the Stories We Tell Ourselves
  • Earth, Star, and Stone
  • Energy Secrets of Southern Appalachia

Healing Historical Trauma & Oppression

  • Herbs Slavery & the South
  • Cherokee Life Ways
  • Ancestral Alchemy
  • Healing Historical Trauma
  • Health Impacts of Racism
  • Plant Allies for Trauma & Grief
  • Freedom From Abuse

Movement & Herb Walks

  • West African Dance
  • Afro-Brazillian /Cuban Dance 
  • Roots of Bellydance
  • Sacred Womb Dancing
  • Wildcrafters Walk
  • Traditional Southern Plant Walk
  • Native American Herb Walk
  • Plant Spirit Medicine


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