Unity Village

closing-ceremony 11-webUnity Village is the heart of the conference, which we collectively create as a community of women. Unity Village extends from the central hearth hosting fire circles, to lakefront tents and decks offering daytime classes and facilitated discussions. Unity Village is a place to connect and integrate by honoring our diversity, creating safe and intimate spaces, and inspiring creativity, playfulness, movement and relaxation. 

action 2013 10 women arms around webHearth Fire

The Hearth Fire is a central gathering area. A fire is tended throughout the weekend, symbolic of our unity and warmth. You'll have many opportunities to connect with sisters around the fire, from the Welcome Song Circle & Firelighting, song and drumming circles, to the Farewell Jam. 

Red Tent for Women of all Ages & Stages

act 2014 10 red tent uv lo res 600 x 447The Red Tent is for all women, of all ages and stages, so we look forward to seeing any and all of you in the Red Tent as we gather to honor our journey as women. The Red Tent Movement is a revival of the ancient custom of women taking time away from their busy lives to rest and renew. Not only for menstruating women, this space welcomes women of all ages and stages, of any spiritual path or background—a place for elder women to connect with one another, a place for breastfeeding women to relax together, a place for all women to celebrate our commonalities as well as our differences. Come to rest, draw, journal, share stories, move, dance, rub shoulders, meditate, sing, giggle, or just relax and enjoy this nurturing environment. Open all day, until midnight.

 Sister Love Deck

Sister Love Deck is a sacred space founded in 2010 by Olatakumbo Obasi, in which we honor the healing legacy of our black and brown grandmothers and ancestors. For many centuries the suppressed earth-based practices of People of Color went underground in order to protect and preserve knowledge for future generations. portrait 2013 10 smiling w baby webIn honor of our grandmothers, we join to reclaim our ancient wisdom. The Sister Love Deck serves as a gathering place for celebration, congregation and communication as a movement towards big healing and big unity among us.

Facilitated discussions and class offerings run throughout the day, until midnight. Please note that this is sacred space for women of color ONLY (racially/culturally diverse heritage non-European in origin, such as Native American, African American, Asian and Latina), ages 18+. Women of color are welcome to drop in at any time.

Community Altar

comm altar 3breasted bowl 450x600

Overlooking the lake near the Red Tent in Unity Village, there will be a dedicated community altar that is for all to co-create and spend time at... praying, thinking, grieving, remembering ancestors, or simply being.

To make this outdoor space sacred and alive with purpose, we invite you to place meaningful items of yours from home or that you respectfully gather nearby (that you don’t mind getting wet) that help you to connect to yourself, the natural world, and others.

This altar is a place for personal reflection within a supportive communal setting, please make it our own while respecting the beliefs and cultures of others. You are welcome to visit the altar as often as you want, anytime you want. May it be a place to ground, center, and connect!

If you wish to retrieve your item, please do so by lunch on Sunday.

Unity Fire

act 2014 10 mollie jaki cropped lo resAll women are welcome to congregate at the firebowl at the base of steps to Sister Love deck. Come to learn more about understanding racism and white privilege and connect with one another. Gather with us in unity as we share our commonalities and our differences, and engage in open dialogue as sisters of all colors. 

Wondering why a focus on racial equity at an herbal conference? See the Story page for more info.

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