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Several year-round staff members, supported by dozens more seasonally 

Several year-round staff members create the foundation for Southeast Wise Women throughout the year, supported by dozens more seasonal staff members during the months leading up to the conference. The staff at Southeast Wise Women all share a passion for herbs, nutrition, women's empowerment and self-love, and simple, low-earth-impact living. We are activists—for women, the environment and social justice—and we each contribute our unique talents because we believe in building a world that emulates non-competitive, supportive, celebratory, and encouraging relationships between women.

Founder and director of Southeast Wise Women, Corinna Wood weaves her passion for honoring women and the Earth into all aspects of the Southeast Wise Women programs. An apprentice to world-renowned herbalist Susun Weed at an early age, Corinna has developed a deep understanding of the web of life that combines the sciences with embodied experience into a truly holistic, approach to living. In 1994, Corinna co-founded Red Moon Herbs, an herbal company making medicines from fresh, local plants—the Wise Woman Way. Corinna has been spreading the Wise Woman Tradition through sharing the wisdom and magic of local plants and women's health for decades.

Ema Carmona, Conference Coordinator, came to work with Southeast Wise Women the inaugural year of the conference, and has coordinated the event every year since. She is known as the level head when things get tough, and the woman with the smile and kind words each morning. Renee Conover, Programming Coordinator, has been a key staff member since her apprenticeship with Corinna at Red Moon Herbs when the SEWW Herbal Conference was first conceived. Today, she weaves the tapestry of teachers and classes.

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Based at Earthaven Ecovillage in the mountains of North Carolina 

The Southeast Wise Women headquarters are based at Earthaven Ecovillage, an aspiring ecovillage of about 80 people living on 329 forested acres half an hour south of Black Mountain, NC. Earthaven was founded in 1994, and Southeast Wise Women Director, Corinna Wood, was part of the "second wave" of early members involved with manifesting the vision of the community. For almost twenty years, Earthaven was also home to Red Moon Herbs, Southeast Wise Women's sister organization which has now moved to a new home in nearby Asheville, NC.

While the events of Southeast Wise Women currently take place at local venues in the mountains of North Carolina—and not at Earthaven Ecovillage itself—the organization is integrally connected to this rural intentional community.

Many the women on our staff live in the extended Earthaven community, where the beauty of the land and the dedication of the people continually inspire us. At Earthaven, green business and sustainability aren’t just buzz words: they are the way of life we’ve chosen. Like all the buildings at Earthaven, the Southeast Wise Women offices are completely off-grid, powered by solar electricity and housed in a green building built with timber from the land. We are dedicated to caring for people and the Earth by learning, living, and demonstrating a holistic, sustainable culture.

Together, we remember and experience our strength and power as women and girls 

Our mission is to offer opportunities to gather herbal and other natural tools and wisdom to support our physical and emotional health. We find that when we gather in women’s space, connect with the Earth and our female wisdom, and honor the women on whose shoulders we stand, we remember and experience our strength and power as women and girls.

The Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference was inspired by the thriving herbal conferences for women in the Northeast, Northwest, and California, founded in the 1990's. Based in the Wise Woman Tradition, this herbal conference has a special flavor and focus, which resonates for those who become part of this Wise Woman community. Learn more of our story and focus.


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