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Knowing Ourselves & the Earth

Six Saturdays, March through August 2018

A powerful six month journey embodying the Wise Woman Tradition through cultivating self love & relationships with wild plants

sunmoon 4.6.jpgCome explore a groundbreaking system with Corinna Wood, a healing methodology rooted in compassionate communication (NVC), feminist spiritual psychology, and lunar and seasonal cycles. Based in our bodies’ energy centers and the seasons of the moon and the plants, this system reveals how our strong female feelings guide us toward our underlying needs. And as we embrace our needs, we support our thriving. We will also spend time outdoors hands-on with wild plants and herbs. As we get to know wild plants, we recognize the cycles of the Earth, which are reflected in our own psyches, especially as women. 

Connecting with ourselves, loving ourselves as women

  • Deepen your love for yourself and connect with your own body wisdom
  • Learn a language of feelings and needs for self-understanding and self-expression
  • Develop personal strategies for meeting your needs to support yourself thriving

Wild women ~ wild plants

  • Learn how to identify and use common, abundant edible and medicinal wild plants for food and medicine
  • Add to your circle of herbal allies to incorporate into your everyday life
  • Share hands-on learning experiences where we see, touch and taste the plants together

Learn to embody self-love the Wise Woman Way! In this healing, intimate circle of sisters honoring women and the Earth, we embrace the culture of the Wise Woman Tradition. Together, we reclaim sacred relationships with ourselves, the plants, and our sisters.


Six Saturdays, March through August: March 31, April 21, May 12, June 16, July 21, August 18
10 am -1 pm ~ Morning session
1 pm - 3:30 pm ~ Siesta/study lunch break
3:30- 6 pm ~ Afternoon session

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