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Herbal Immersion

18th annual: May 7-12

A week-long inspirational journey to rediscover your Wise Woman, though herbal medicine, deep nourishment, and self-love.

Immerse yourself in the healing wisdom of herbal medicine

  • Learn how to identify and use common, abundant2013.7 Corinna  ech loving tip lo res edible and medicinal plants for nutrition and health
  • Engage in in-depth instruction with Corinna Wood--a beloved herbalist who, over the past 20 years, has opened the hearts of thousands to the wisdom of the plants and to the sacredness of their own bodies
  • Share in a unique, hands-on learning experience where we see, touch and taste the plants together

Drink in the deep nourishment of the Wise Woman Tradition

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  • Develop the skills to nurture yourself with traditional foods and herbs
  • Gather your own circle of herbal allies to incorporate into your everyday life
  • Experience the healing and joyful community of this intimate circle of sisters honoring women and the Earth

Empower & love yourself as a woman

  • imm port 2012 5 joy red clover hi res 2Deepen your love for yourself—body and soul
  • Reclaim sacred relationships with the plants, the Earth, and your sisters
  • Reweave the tapestry of traditional women’s wisdom, understanding and honoring the history of women as healers and sustainers
  • Learn how we can carry on the Wise Woman Way to benefit our families, the Earth, and ourselves

Want to learn more? Browse around the website, and also . . . 

  • View the Southeast Wise Women Herbal Immersion tri-fold brochure: Immersion brochure (pdf)
  • Check out snapshots from previous years: Photos
  • Hear what graduates had to say about their experiences: Testimonials

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