Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference



A weekend to learn, celebrate, and connect

The Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference offers a unique opportunity to participate in a vibrant and joyful gathering of women who are dedicated to health and wholeness for our communities, the planet and ourselves.

For one weekend in autumn, we share inspiration, celebration and practical learning about earth-based healing and women’s health. Surrounded by the ancient Blue Ridge Mountains, our venue at Lake Eden offers a beautiful, serene backdrop for over 60 workshops and classes in herbalism, nutrition, personal growth and natural healing.

We invite you to renew your spirit, explore your power and engage in the extraordinary experience of the Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference. Join founder Corinna Wood and a plethora of renowned teachers for a weekend retreat where women of all ages gather to . . . 

LEARN about herbal medicine and women's health

  • Presenters: Dozens of inspiring and knowledgeable presenters from the Southeast and beyond.
  • Sharing plantsClasses: Over 60 classes with a wide range of topics including plant identification, using herbs and traditional medicine, health and healing, nutrition, creativity, song and dance, sacred sexuality, mindful living, women’s history, the wise woman ways, and more.
  • All levels: Engaging workshops for every woman interested in herbal medicine, personal growth, and the Wise Woman Ways, from beginning herbalists to advanced practitioners -- new seekers to spiritual warriors.

CELEBRATE earth-based healing and women’s wisdom

  • Women’s space: Celebrate the bonds between women, in a vibrant, joyful, and loving community.
  • Natural world: Deepen your relationship to the natural world as we cultivate traditional herbal knowledge, earth-based healing, and women’s wisdom.
  • Empowerment: Join in a spirit of celebration, as we honor our own abilities, strengths, and beauty.

CONNECT with the web of wise women

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  • Annual tradition: Two hundred women gathered for the first year, and this much loved annual event has grown to welcome over a thousand women.
  • Web of women: Together we weave a web of wise women dedicated to a new paradigm of health and wholeness for ourselves and the Earth.
  • Diversity: With a focus on inclusiveness, the conference is an opportunity to build bridges of understanding and cooperation, honoring with women of all ages, backgrounds, faiths, cultures, colors, shapes, and sizes.

The weekend includes so much magic. Read more of her-story. Or get a taste by perusing the photos from past years, seeing the location, hearing testimonials from the wise woman web, or reading press articles about the event. 


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